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Immune Recovery Course A Toxic Free You Program

Are you sick or do you suffer from chronic inflammation? Do you want relief?

Chemicals in, on, and around us can be keeping us Sick, Fat, Toxic, and Depressed. 

We are surrounded by fake, carcinogenic products masquerading as foods, and lovely scents. We are bombarded with advertisers promoting corn sugars, vegetable oils, irradiated, fat-free, processed, GMO, and low quality foods as healthy. 

In today's world our bodies have become a chemical depository. Most are exposed to over 500 chemicals daily.

Habits, addictions, medications, synthetics, and pollutants add insult to injury, not just in our body but also in our brain. YES… brains are toxic too. If we have gut issues, we can also suffer with brain-drain. However, we don't have to buy into the belief that we will lose our mind as we get older.

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 We have been pushed to the limit with myths and mis-information about what a healthy body and mind really is. We punish ourselves every chance we get by drowning emotions with foods, further limiting our ability to have quality relationships, or a job we're passionate about. We ignore taking time out for self care. We forget to take a moment to breathe. Until we hear those words, "you got cancer." Research tells us, cancer and autoimmune disorders don't just show up one day. They take years to fester. They fester in depression, obesity, blood sugar imbalances, stress eating, eating on the run, IBS, alcohol addictions, and self-loathing. They fester in all self- sabotaging behaviors. They fester in plastics, chemicals, OTC's, and pesticide exposures that spew toxins into the air we breathe, what we touch, and the water we bathe in. This ABUSE takes up residence in our organs and tissues even several years after the abuse stops, leaving us with a confused immune system.

Are you low on energy and dying to look good?

Factors such as liver, lungs, kidney, heart, and bowel toxicity, along with poor dietary habits, OTC's, toxic skin care products contributes significantly towards poor immunity and premature aging.

Endocrine Disruption is when we experience hormonal imbalances. Hormones are changed from toxic exposures that keep us sick, fat, moody, and tired. These exposures can increase our risk for autoimmune disorders. Learn how our gut, bones, and heart, are related to our endocrine system.

Asthma can be directly linked to poor food choices, leading to poor immunity AND exposure to toxic skin care and other chemicals. ( see also

Poor oral Health contributes to poor immunity, poor heart health, poor bone health, and poor brain health.

Lack of exercise can and will contribute to poor immunity and premature aging.

In my Immune Recovery Course you will learn:

Which foods disrupt hormones and keep your liver, gut, and lungs toxic.

What chemicals increase inflammation, harm your skin, thyroid, sinus, gut, and the environment.

Why it's necessary to ditch FAD diets and just make simple dietary changes instead? 

Why is it important to address and remove toxic relationships?

Learn how to prevent and reverse blood sugar imbalances, obesity, and heart disorders.

 Find Out: 

What's in a label and why it concerns you?

How to have a backup plan in order to de-stress.

How to prevent and reverse inflammation, & live pain free.

 How to identify and eliminate synthetics in the products you use.

How to increase mental clarity, & decrease addictions.

How to sleep sounder.

How to recognize if your lifestyle is toxic.

How to build good gut microbiome.

How to naturally increase energy levels.

How to clear the clutter, eat healthy, and balance metabolism.

How to implement daily meditation.

How to Prevent Alzheimer's and dementia.

How to cut cravings and decrease mood spikes.

How to use food as medicine.

How to ditch indigestion and Gerd. You love food, learn what foods love you back?



Bottom line is... our bodies are forever trying to get the toxins out, shouldn’t you? 

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Connie Rogers is a Certified Integrative Nutritional Holistic Coach, Brain Health Coach, Certified Cosmetologist, an Expert in Toxins that can disrupt our Skin, Gut, and Endocrine Health. She is a Published Author of Path to a Healthy Mind & Body, & Memory Stealers. Owner of  


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It could be a stable weight, a better brain, a healthy lifestyle, increased financial abundance, a disease-free life, a happy love life, that provides safety and security for all...but what you'll notice is something odd. Most people just can't seem to wrap their head around how to achieve these even though most consciously CRAVE all these things. Everything mentioned fulfills every need, increasing pleasure and decreasing pain. But, somehow we never seem to reach the goal, so we give up and settle into our comfort zone of stinking thinking, stimulants, TV, and alcohol ALL decreasing quality of life. (junk-living) It's time to remove this toxic way of being , thinking, and living. Join me in getting the toxins out today.