Here's to Your Health!


Do you suffer from stubborn belly fat, lack of focus or  motivation, memory loss, brain fog, low energy, depression, obesity, food cravings or toxic emotional connections?

If so, there's a good chance you have not paid too much attention to your gut-brain axis. You may be experiencing digestive disorders, poor oral health, insomnia, and poor moods. The good news broken connections are preventable and reversible -- when you know what to do...



Your Metabolism is where hormones, emotions, and nutrition work side by side.



What is covered in 21 Steps to Your Wellness!



1-Gut & Brain Health. Address brain fog, moods, Diabetes, Thyroid & Alzheimer's connection.


2-Address Fungus and/or Leaky Gut Connection. 


3-Eliminate Inflammation. Inflammation can lead to reduced cell signaling.


4-Self-Neglect has a direct relation to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, depression and heart disease. It can be called a "Mindless Syndrome," because we forget how important self-care is.


5-Learn how to break through Endocrine Disruptors which encourage the body to store fat.


6-Are You a Slave to Cravings & Allergies?  Learn to crave balance instead.


7-Balance Hormones. Hormones are designed to work in harmony. Hormones are involved in immunity, digestion, skin health and everything we do.


8-Learn the Importants of Real Absorbable Minerals. Osteoporosis or osteopenia is a common complication of diabetes, and seems to be associated with the calcification of soft tissues. 



9- Address Adrenal Fatigue. Gain more energy with a few small changes.



10-De-Stress your life. Gastrointestinal Stress, emotional stress, insomnia, and premature aging, make cells less responsive in many ways by damaging their ability to adapt.


11-Nutrition for Cells. Research studies say nutrition can change genes.



12-Enzymes. Deplete the body of enzymes and proper nutrition, and we set ourself up for several illnesses at one time.




13-Oral Health. Poor oral health, plus the continued use of toxic products can be linked to a disrupted Endocrine System, Immune System and Poor Gut Health.



14- Elimination Systems. Every cell eliminates.



15-Acidosis. The connection between poor metabolic health and an acidic internal environment can clearly be seen in the kidneys and poor gut health.






16-Trans-Fats & Toxic Oils. Diabetes and heart disorders are just two of the disorders that can be linked to toxic vegetable oils. Learn more.



17-High blood pressure has a relationship to multiple stressors, poor sleep habits, and poor circulation.  


18-Learn what Medications are linked to Metabolic Disorders.


19-Learn Skin Health. Taking a second look at skin infections, neuropathy, and painful joints.


20-Learn some key causes of poor eye health?


21- All life is Movement. Find peace with fitness.






Balance Weight & Hormones, and Increase Energy.

Enjoy your Life and Thrive while avoiding pain and inflammation....






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Connie Rogers is a Certified Integrative Nutritional Holistic Health Coach, Published Author, and Mind/Body Coach. Expert in Toxins that can disrupt Your Metabolic, Endocrine and Skin Health. Owner of and


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